Setting Up Your Local Backup Feature With Dropbox


You can connect multiple Dropbox accounts to your SiteDocs account to create a secondary backup or to easily download multiple Forms at once.

Setting up a Dropbox Backup

If you don't already have a Dropbox account, go to Dropbox to open an account. A free Dropbox account holds up to 2GB of storage. After you open a Dropbox account, make sure to go to your email inbox (the email address you signed up with) and verify your Dropbox account through the provided link. From there:

  1. Select "Setup" from the Navigation Bar
  2. Select "Company Information"
  3. Select "Integrations"
  4. To add a new Dropbox connection, select “Link a Dropbox Account''
  5. Select “Allow” when prompted by Dropbox

Once connected, the email address, Dropbox account name, and connection date and time will show in the list below.

Sync will begin, bringing all signed Forms from your SiteDocs account into your Dropbox account as PDF files, starting from your oldest Form and moving to your most recent. Depending on your SiteDocs account size, this initial sync may take anywhere from 5 minutes to up to about 24 hours per 6 weeks of signed documents to fully populate. Just let it run until it's finished. Going forward, your Dropbox account will automatically initiate an update with your SiteDocs account every 10 minutes.

What is Synced to Dropbox?

Our built-in Dropbox Connection will back up all Signed Documents (Forms, Resources, and Follow Up Forms) into designated folders in your Dropbox Account(s).


How are my Signed Documents Organized in Dropbox?

Setting up a Dropbox connection will automatically create a "SiteDocs" folder in your "Apps" folder. Inside your SiteDocs Folder, each Location profile will get its own folder. Inside each Location folder, there will be a folder for each Form Template Name. All of this organization is done automatically without any additional work on your end.

Removing a Dropbox Connection

To remove a Dropbox connection, select “Stop Syncing” to the right of the account(s) you would like to disconnect.



Here is a Helpful Video Tutorial:


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