Push Notifications For Follow-Ups


Push Notifications for Follow-Ups

What happens when I assign a Follow-Up to another Worker?

A banner will appear on the assignee's mobile device Lock Screen alerting them of a Follow-Up assignment, along with the name of the Worker who assigned the Follow-Up, the Form Name, Location Name, and Due Date. 


This alert is received through SiteDocs Chat and will show in the Direct Chat from our SiteDocs Bot. The chat message even has a button that will bring you to a Direct Chat with the Worker who assigned the Follow Up Form to you.


For more information about how to find this Follow Up in your Mobile App, click here.

Note: There is an approximate 3-minute delay between signing and saving the Original Form and the Chat Message being sent to allow for device sync times.

What happens when a Follow-Up is completed and signed?

When a Follow-Up is completed and signed, the assigner will receive a similar Push Notification on their device's Lock Screen indicating the Follow-Up has been completed:


They will also receive a SiteDocs Chat Message from the SiteDocs Bot.


For a full walkthrough of how Follow-Up Forms work, Click Here!

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