How Do I Find Out If I Have Been Assigned A Follow-Up?


How are Users Notified when a Follow-Up is Assigned to Them?

1 - Push Notification (iOS & Android)

The first notification when a user has been assigned a Follow-Up Form is a Push Notification sent through SiteDocs Chat. This means that a banner will appear on their Lock Screen alerting them of a Follow-Up Assignment, along with the name of the Worker who assigned the Follow-Up, the Template Name, Location Name, and Due Date. This message will also appear in their Direct Chats as a Message from the SiteDocs Bot.



Note: There is an approximate 3-minute delay between signing and saving the Original Form and the Chat Message being sent to allow for device sync times.

2 - Notification Badge (iOS Only)

On iOS Devices, the user will see a red notification badge on their SiteDocs 2020 App icon on their phone’s home screen indicating how many Follow-Ups have been assigned to the user.


3 - In-App Notification Badges (iOS, Android, and Web App)

In both the Mobile App and the Web App, once the user has opened their App, they will see a notification badge on the “Home” Icon, as well as next to “Follow-Ups” on their Home Page.


Next, the user can follow the black notification Badges to the Follow-Up that was assigned to them by selecting All Follow-Ups > Follow-Up Type > Assigned to Me > Current Location. They will then see a list of Follow-Ups arranged by Due Date.

finish FU.gif

What Happens when the Follow-Up is Finished?

When a Follow-Up is completed and signed, the assigner will receive a similar SiteDocs Push Notification


and SiteDocs Chat Message from the SiteDocs Bot.Screen_Shot_2021-01-11_at_8.52.22_AM.png


For a full walkthrough of how Follow-Up Forms work, Click Here!

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