How to Assign a Follow Up Form to someone else in your Account


Follow Up Forms can be used to alert others in your account to a Form Item that requires their attention. Some common uses include (but are not limited to) Corrective Actions, Maintenance Requests, and Sanitization Records.

1. Select the Flag Icon next to the Form Item that requires attention.
2. Select the Follow Up Form Type you need.


3. Select "Assign to Worker(s)" and pick a name from the list.
Note: Make sure you assign the Follow Up Form to a user who has at least App Access. Otherwise, they will not be sent a notification.

4. Select "Select Due Date" and fill in the date.

5. Fill in the rest of the Form Items (the rest of the Form can be customized to whatever you need).

6. Important: Select "Save as Pending", otherwise a notification will not be sent and the Form will simply be placed (likely unfinished) on your Signed Document Report. Only select "Complete" if the Form is finished.

Once the Form has been Saved, the Original Form will show a Yellow Flag Icon next to the item you selected to show that a Follow Up Form has been assigned, but not yet completed. This Flag Icon also serves as a link from the original Form to the Follow Up Form, even after the forms are both signed!


How do I find the Original Form that my Follow Up came from?

At the top of every Follow Up Form, there is a section that is titled "Flagged Form Item". Next to this title is an arrow that will expand the section to show the item that was flagged, as well as the Form Name, Date, and even a link to view the original Form.


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