How Do I Duplicate A Form?


Duplicating a form allows users to make a copy of a previously-signed form. The duplicated form includes all answers provided in the original form, but removes the signatures at the bottom and changes the date at the top to the current date (the date of duplication). This feature is especially helpful for forms that are filled out on a daily basis that often contain many of the same answers every time it is filled out (e.g. a Daily Inspection Form). 

1. From the mobile app, choose the Location you originally signed the form under and select the form name you want to duplicate under the Forms tab.


2. Select the "Duplicate" button in the list of options under the form name. 


3. Choose the form you want to duplicate based on the date it was initially created.


Once the form has been duplicated, the following information can be easily edited or added:

  • Location
  • Label Field
  • Duplicated Answers
  • Add signatures














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