Using SiteDocs Offline (Without A Wi-Fi Or Cellular Data Connection)


The SiteDocs Mobile App can be used in offline mode! Just make sure you have logged into the App and the account has been synced before heading out to the field so that all Forms, Resources, and information is accessible in offline mode.

While you are working without a Wi-Fi or data connection, your app will form a queue of any data it needs to upload. You will see a red badge indicator on the Home tab of your app, showing you the number of items in your queue.

Once you come back into Wi-Fi or cellular data connection, the app will automatically upload your documentation within 10 minutes of connecting. To expedite the process, simply open up the SiteDocs app, select the Sync button on your Home page and tap the blue "Sync Now" button and everything in your queue will upload to your company's Admin Panel.



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