How Does An Unfinished Form Save In SiteDocs?


In the SiteDocs Application, as soon as you select a form that you want to fill out, a Draft is started. When that is done, the unfinished Form(s) is saved in the "In Progress" section located under each Form's Menu.

Before a draft is started, your options in the Form's menu are New, Duplicate (if enabled), Revision, and Previously Signed. 

Once you have started at least one Draft for the Form type, you will see a new Section called "In Progress". 
Select this section to see your current drafts organized by Date.

Important Notes about Drafts

  1. When using the Mobile or Desktop App, Drafts are stored locally on your Device. This means that, for example, if you start a form on your phone and then try to find it on your iPad, you won't be able to see it.
  2. Because Drafts are stored locally with the Mobile and Desktop Apps, if you delete your SiteDocs App from your Device, you will lose all unfinished Drafts.
  3. When using the Web App, Drafts are saved to your login, so you can access them from any browser.
  4. Drafts are Location-Specific, so if you switch Location profiles your Drafts will not show until you switch back.
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